I was completely at ease for my first visit there on Monday. Everyone was pleasant and friendly. Glad I found a new dentist. - A.T.

Alicia is wonderful!! She was so patient and understanding with my son. He’s not afraid to come back. Alicia is definitely an asset to your business. - J.S.

The dentist that did my cleaning was the best I have encountered! Good job Doc. See you soon! - D. W. Johnson - 10/10/2012

Dr. Patrick and his staff was great! Love the conversation, see you all next time J - J Altema - 10/14/2012

Dr. Bryant is awesome! It is fun coming to the office. - D Tang 11/2/2012

Cathy does a very good job and makes me feel comfortable during the procedure. I also feel Cathy is very knowledgable and I listen to her instructions. Dr. Bryant always greets and has a kind and cheerful word. - C Wilson - 8/27/2012

Dr Bryant is a very nice, friendly and positive person. He made me feel relaxed and comforable. Hi is also an excellent dentist:) - Roger Lyons - 6/2/2112

No complaints. Thanks for taking care of my "choppers". Have a good weekend - John Mcfarland - 5/4/2012

Although I was an out of town patient, you all took exceptional care of my dental and medical care and I appreciate your gently care in an uncomfortable situation. - Helen Summer - 4/28/2012

The Dentist considers the opinions and feelings of his patients in the provision of dental care. He displays confidence and ensures that you are comfortable and safe. - Geraline Bryan - 3/14/2012

I think its a great dental office to be serviced by. They really make you feel comfortable while you're there. - Gerald Johnson - 2/10/2012

It is a wonderful atmosphere and I am glad that I go there with my son. - Michael Bertty - 2/6/2012

I think its a great dental office to be serviced by. They really make you feel comfortable while you're there. - Gerald Johnson - 2/13/2012

Very friendly and understanding staff. Very interpersonal and caring Dr. - Maria Echevarria - 1/23/2012

No complaints, no problems, thanks for the Sensodyne toothpaste! Happy holidays to you and your staff. - J. McFarland - 12/5/2011

I hadn't seen a dentist for many yrs., afraid of the dentist!I found the most fun and relaxing atmosphere at Dr. Bryant's and his staff is wonderful to work with. I have my smile back and I couldn't be happier. So if you are like me and waited a very long time between visits, you can rest assured that Dr. Bryant and his staff will treat you with respect and your just going to love them as I do. - D. Zanko- 12/3/2011

For something I was expecting to be very painful and unpleasant, it was quite the opposite. Best dentists I have ever had. - T. Cooke - 11/13/2011

Best dental I have every received, the Dr. and all the staff in this office will refer this office to all my friends, I have the opportunity to compare this office to my other dentist, the difference is big and that's why I switch to Dr. Bryant M. - Amino - 11/11/2011

One of my best dental experiences. The Hygienist, Kathy-the BEST! Kathy is not just a hygienist, but she "educates" the patient before she works & during. To KNOW why a hygienist is not only preparing for a procedure; calms your possible fears. She also explains in full details the condition of your oral hygiene. Over the phone Allie was very professional, cordial upon entering the office, and helpful. Judy, I didn't is just as nice, a real COMPLETE OFFICE; kudos to you all! - Sarita R. - 10/23/2011.

Have always loved the team there. - Donald C. - 10/20/20011.

I must say I was a little apprehensive when I went; the last dentist told me I needed all of this work so I decided to get a 2nd opinion and I am glad I did. I went to Dr. Bryant for a cleaning and afterwards he explained to me everything I needed to have fixed and to my amazement it was just one cavity and I had to ask was he sure and he explained yes your teeth are in great shape. When I reviewed my last statement from the other dentist I was truly grateful for an honest person. The best! - Vivian M. - 10/02/2011.

I'm (almost)over my fear of the Dentist! Dr. Bryant, Judy and staff are wonderful, welcoming, nurturing and completely professional! My teeth love him too! - Karen B. - 9/09/2011.

For the past four years, I have received routine general dental, orthodontic and cosmetic dental care at Dr. Patrick Bryant's Laurel facility. Overall, I would rate all professional services received there including dental assistant/hygienist's in the top 5 to 10% of those services received throughout my lifetime in all other facilities. In addition to the quality of services rendered, they are always prompt and on time and the office staff is extremely courteous. - Matthew K. - 8/26/2011.

I have been a patient of Dr, Bryant's since 2004 and the care has always been top notch. So I didn't hesitate to add my children when they became old enough. Dr. Bryant and his staff are always very pleasant, the office is very clean and It's never hard to obtain an appointment. Your in and out as scheduled. - April J. - 8/10/2011.

Doctor Bryant gives a lot care and pays attention/ to his patient. Being comfortable @ a dentist is a plus. Thanks Doc. - Keisha M. - 7/29/2011.

I'm always satisfied w/ Dr.Bryant's service and so w/ all his employees, everybody's so friendly, and always makes me feel welcome.... - Jocelyn S. - 7/22/2011.

Thanks Very Much - Suzanne F. - 7/15/2011.